Hi! My name is Yaroslav, for more than 5 years I have been engaged in fullstack development, creating mobile, web and backend applications using modern tools

Experienced Software Developer with a passion for crafting robust web and mobile applications. Proficient in Flutter, React, and Node.js, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality code and ensuring system stability to clients around the world. Skilled in designing RESTful APIs and automating CI/CD pipelines. Excels in fast-paced, collaborative environments.


  • Proficient in Flutter & Dart

  • Strong knowledge of Kotlin & Swift

  • Skilled in Android and iOS development

  • Experience with third-party libraries & REST


  • Proficient in React & Next.js

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript & Typescript

  • Experience with third-party libraries & REST

  • Skilled in responsive UI


  • Proficient in Express.js, Nest.js

  • Skilled in golang, dotnet, php development

  • Strong knowledge of databases, docker, message brokers, ci/cd, devops tools

  • Experience with third-party libraries, REST, GraphQL

I'm a developer by dream and hobby, then I'm a developer by profession