Landing and CRM For Rocket Work

Rocket Work is a service for working with self-employed and other freelance specialists. Here you can make mass payments to freelancers, sign contracts, acts, collect checks, select any performers on the platform and invite your own




Frontend Development





Rocket Work was launching a new project to issue loans to the self-employed. I was developing a landing page and an internal admin panel for bank employees and managers. The landing page is an advertising one-page website with a form for filling out a loan application. CRM system is used by employees for fast processing of applications. I was developing a website and an internal service for working with applications for Next.js, held the position of the main frontend developer.

Advertising one-page website with a loan application form

An internal system for Rocket Work employees that allows them to interact with applications. Due to the company's security, I can't show all screenshots of the internal admin panel